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Heal Your Knees With Your Yoga Practice – Saturday 5/2

heal your kneesJoin Sherry this Saturday 5/2 for Heal Your Knees at Exhale Venice from 12:30-3:30pm.

Our knees are: shock absorbers when we land, springboards when we jump, transmitters when we are still, and propel us when step forward. All of these combine as beautiful links in any or all of these ways for balance postures. This class is designed to help you understand why your knees ache, specific diagnoses, and various degrees of each. We’ll discuss “high signs” with knees, and ways to prevent further discomforts. We’ll work with ways that ankles and hips contribute to their achiness and modifications in postures to prevent these. And finally, we’ll look at how new patterns can be strengthened both on and off the mat.
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