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April in Asia Part I – Yoga Yard Beijing China April 3-6 2011

Yoga Yard Beijing

Yoga Yard was founded in August, 2002 by Mimi Kuo-Deemer and Robyn Wexler as a center for yoga and healing. At the time, the only yoga taught in Beijing was inside sports centers and gyms — environments not always conducive to quiet or relaxing practices.  By starting Yoga Yard, they sought to build a school based on principles of health, mindfulnenss, safety, dedication to quality teaching, commitment to support our students and teachers, and most importantly, a love of yoga.

Walking Therapeutics: A Clinical Workshop
April 2–3, 2011 (Saturday – Sunday)

Yoga Therapeutics: Healing Your Body within Your Yoga Practice
April 4–6, 2011 (Monday – Wednesday)

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