There are two Internship Programs being offered: Tensegrity Yoga Therapy and Brourman Gait Therapy (click here)

The Tensegrity Center Yoga Therapy Intership Program, a one year Yoga Therapy Internship Program with Sherry Brourman, PT, E-RYT 500

We have up to ten yoga therapy classes per week, each with 2-7 students, all of whom are either ‘graduates’ of physical therapy yet not quite ready for a yoga studio, or feel that they are too stiff or weak to begin yoga at a public studio. All classes are taught by a teacher and an intern/assistant.

Ongoing guidelines and programs:

Once invited, the program is a year.
1. Requirements for entry ~ 200 hr RYT and graduate of a one year Yoga Therapy Certification Program (currently all are from LMU but not necessary for future), and they must be admitted through personal interviews with Sherry Brourman

2. There is required reading throughout the year and written assignments. Most of this work is based on Mabel Todd, The Thinking Body, written in 1937. Her kinesiologic understanding and yoga mind make her book a beautiful and perfect asset to our teachings in this program.

3. We use hands on teaching skill sets including adjustments, prop usage and knowledge base of various conditions such as joint replacements, difficult spine issues, post surgery rehab, and anything structural. as a road in, for discerning minute details for these students.

4. Interns are required to assist one class per week, and alternately, observe or practice in one class per week. Discussions follow every class, as well as required online technical questions which are answered in depth and archived.

5. Interns are required to be in the process of a personal sequence which they are using/exploring/developing to work with a real personal issue. This is part of the agenda at monthly meetings so there is guidance throughout the course of the year.

7. Interns are required to do any volunteer or community outreach consistently.
8. There are meetings every two months, which may be personal sequence discussions/ revisions or practice teaching meetings , all with our supervision.

9. There is a written assignment prior to each meeting, that may be a personal sequence, a sequence for a student in class and nearer to completion, a sequence for two or three students in class.

10. At the completion of the year, there is a graduation ceremony.


“Sherry Brourman’s ground-breaking Yoga Therapy Internship Program provides an extraordinary foundation to assist healing through the gateway of the physical structure. Sherry’s passion and brilliant expertise will illuminate movement patterns that will forever change how you view the human form. The program’s intimate design is a superb opportunity for receiving generous personal attention, creating an exquisite and fertile ground for a truly exceptional educational experience.”

Eve Baldwin, CYT, MT

“With over 50 years of collective experience listening, watching and in a deep and sincere communication with the body, Sherry Brourman is a master at her craft.  The internship program that they have created is a completely unique and groundbreaking necessity in the world of yoga and yoga therapy.  Not only is their combined knowledge of the body, healing and yoga astounding, their patience, generosity, guidance, and desire to teach teachers is unparalleled.  I have felt held, honored, respected and challenged to grow myself into the teacher I know I can be.  Sherry’s ability to see their students as already whole, already brilliant, already healed, is a deeply transformative experience that is truly liberating.  Every class I teach, no matter what level, is taught through the lenses I have learned from this program.  I can’t tell you what a difference it has made in my own body, in my life, in my relationships, and in my teaching.  The work is do deep and multi-layered, so vast and wide that the learning never ceases to amaze me.  This program is born from passion, sincere seeking, and a great desire to serve the highest good in each person.  That combined with the honor and privilege of learning from women who are living out their calling, who have spent time honing and perfecting their talents makes this internship program stand alone.”

– Chani Nicholas RYT

Brourman Gait Therapy Practitioner Training

Requirements throughout the year:

Walk Yourself Well or Walking Yoga workshop once as a student, once as an assistant
Gait For Pain Relief once as a student, once as an assistant
Advanced Gait For Pain Relief once as a student, once as an assistant
(Gait For Pain Relief and Advanced Gait For Pain Relief must be taken in order)

Program: Classes and assignments over the course of four quarters

First quarter
Second quarter
Third quarter
Fourth quarter TBD
$350.00 Registration + $400.00 each quarter

Total fees: $1950

Class Structure: Each quarter will have the same structure and the program will be on going, so that the course can be started with any quarter.

Friday Evenings: Homework presentations and practice teaching.

Mornings: Sherry will see real clients while students observe within a specifically outlined format with Q&A to close each morning. Students are encouraged to bring clients for sessions. (Fee for morning clients- $80. Sessions- 45 minutes) Sherry’s mornings will include complete review so that students can feel confident and ready to see their afternoon clients.

Afternoons: Sherry will observe and supervise as students see clients.  Written and reading assignments will augment each weekend.   (Fee for afternoon clients $25.)

Assignments: These assignments will deepen your knowledge and understanding of gait therapy. Papers should be done thoroughly for you. I decided not to put a ‘must be length.’ We will discuss each assignment, and I’ll be happy to assist with your decisions about these projects. There will also be a wonderful reading list of four books, which I will dispel to each student, one book at a time, six weeks before the start of each quarter.

Prior to first quarter – please read my book, and your manual from gait classes thoroughly enough that all is familiar, and refresh strong anatomy foundations pertinent to the material. *note* Please check in with Sherry for first reading assignment.

For second quarter – An independent study that compares walking with a movement or posture within a sport or yoga or pilates, in a deep thorough practical way. Due at the start of the second quarter.

For third quarter – A research paper on an element of gait, for example, ‘how do we actualize the width of our steps?’ Students should include their thoughts and the literature used to research this information to back up their theories. Due at the start of the third quarter.

For fourth quarter – A case study of an individual client, including a complete analysis, short and long term gait corrections, reasoning and any chosen back up exercise plans. The study should detail appropriate exercises prescribed and show a thorough understanding of how these will cause a long-term change to heal and balance all of the joints of the body. Due at the start of the fourth quarter.

Instructor Accessibility: During the year of training, Sherry will be accessible, primarily by email, to answer questions about yourself, your clients, the course and the practice.


I can’t thank Sherry Brourman enough for how her and her work have helped me
personally in my own body, first through her book “Walk Yourself Well” and
later through her gait therapy program. Through her Gait Therapy
Practitioner Training, the knowledge she so generously shared with us over
the last year has now benefitted all my clients.

I so appreciate Sherry’s open approach to unwinding the imbalances in the
body and her sharing her lens with us. She changes people’s life through
movement and functional application in a way that isn’t overwhelming from a
student or a client perspective.

I highly recommend Sherry Brourman and her work to any client looking for a
global balanced, lasting approach to pain relief and any body worker that is
interested in making their clients feel better! Sherry’s ability to not only
find and treat issues but to explain how they can be solved is what is

Thank you Sherry!

Nancy Myers, CEO
EHS Pilates, Inc.
Master CoreAlign Trainer
BBU Faculty
Gait Therapist
1452 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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