IAYT SYTAR – Experience Walking Yoga – March 6th 2009

IAYT SYTAR – Friday, March 6, 2009 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. Practice Session #2: Experience Walking Yoga with Sherry Brourman (Downoad PDF). Your walk defines most everything about you. With simple observation, we can discern a vulnerable knee, a weak hip, a sleepy core, or a tight shoulder or neck. Our most comfortable daily breathing patterns reflect exactly how we use our structure during walking and asana. Every step that we take, is a one footed tadasana sharing the structural, emotional and spiritural components of every posture and move that we make. Like our individual tadasana predicts the elements of our practice, our walk predicts our tadasana. In this experiential session, students will have a new grasp of their walk, practice asana and explore the similarities between these. We will also make simple changes in walking, apply them to our practice and convert them into tools for our teaching.

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