Walk Yourself Well Friday : April 29 – Sunday : May 1 – Yoga Center Santa Cruz


Yoga Center Santa Cruz
428 C Front Street Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831)423-6719 www.yogacentersantacruz.com

Mechanics of Gait Friday : April 29 : 5 – 7pm

The way we walk reflects our strengths, weaknesses, and flexibility; it is also a representation of our emotional and spiritual presence in the world. This lecture will address the physical mechanics of gait and common gait patterns and issues, and includes informational handouts and demonstration.

Individual Assessment Saturday : April 30 : 1 – 5pm
This class will build on the information presented in Friday’s lecture and apply it to each student’s particular walking style. We will learn to observe and assess gait, and offer precise adjustments to improve balance, alignment, and integration.

Yoga Integration Sunday : May 1 : 1 – 5pm

Asanas and walking both use subtle, often unconscious movement patterns arising from the center and moving outward. In this class we will incorporate the adjust- ments made to our gait into our yoga practice, looking at various asanas from this new perspective.

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