Recent Beijing teaching journey at Yoga Yard!

Beijing ChinaI’ve just returned from a magical journey to China. I call it magical because I was actually dreading this trip. It just felt so untimely, with all of my recent office transformations (many of you know that I moved my entire office operations, sessions and classes twice in a month) and just a deep urge to become more quiet, and going to China felt like the opposite. I was dreading the plane rides, the four days alone in strange huge city, and teaching a class with an interpreter, which I hadn’t done for many years. Here is how it turned out: I got on the plane, and read a beautiful book on movement that I recommend, called Idiokinesis. Lovely lens on movement. I loved the quiet right away. No phones, Didn’t get the headset. Barely looked up. Dozed a few times. Short. because I knew I needed to be sleepy upon arrival. Met at the airport, as told in prior e mail, by the beautiful smile of Joo, precious manager of Yoga Yard, where I would be teaching, four days later.

And then essentially (except for a lunch with Robyn, one of the owners who immediately felt like a girlfriend I had known for years) four days on my own, a silent retreat in a world of non English speakers.

My hotel, former headquarters to The Dalai Lama, and still considered the Tibet in old Beijing. An ancient temple in my courtyard. Really? Really. The quiet was the most precious I could imagine, and although I walked I believe every square inch of old Beijing, and got terribly lost at The Great Wall, (still lost in the thought that , it seems so odd to m that way back, when this all began, might people have realized, that no amount of fighting could ever make us different, and that we’re actually, all, the same…) and, I got just as lost at The Forbidden City, and kindof enjoyed it as I was utterly addicted to silence. (until I realized it was late, ‘park’ was closing, and well….goofy story goes here….) Re-entry even as I came into my work schedule, felt difficult. But that was overtaken by the three amazing studio owners/managers, Robyn, Mimi and Joo, and my gorgeous and brilliant interpreter Lily, who made me feel like there was no language barrier, and who ‘sang’ with me for four days. If there was a moment of pretense or authority or snobbery from any of them, I totally missed it. 35 Students (half had some English although none were American…they were from other English speaking countries or had just learned in school) were so open and happy and receptive, from start to finish, (certificate CEREMONY! uh huh… each student is called up, everyone claps, we hug and take a picture!) and most joined us Sunday night for an optional closing (dutch) dinner. Plane ride home, beyond peaceful. Arrived, rested, humbled and completely inspired.

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