Yoga Therapy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is an individualized approach to softening into the body, relieving discomfort, enlivening strength, and creating elasticity where there was tension. With a scientific understanding of your overall health, we create a sequence of yoga postures that include gentle breathwork and meditation, so that as you come into your body with increased awareness, you arrive with calm. In yoga therapy, you empower yourself to heal.

Who can benefit and what are the benefits of yoga therapy?
All of us. Everyone has movement habits that create specific aches, weak or tight areas. It is difficult to notice that we are re-creating these even in how we walk, sit and especially when we practice postures that unknowingly include the same habits. They are easier to learn, see, and feel inside of postures, especially with the amount of observation and assistance that comes with these tiny classes. Also people pull for each other in these classes, as if the classes have their own hearts.

What is Sherry’s vision of physical therapy and yoga therapy?

I see yoga therapy as the link between physical therapy and regular yoga classes. This ancient healing methodology is more recognized than ever by western medicine because it works. It is thorough, investigative work. A distinction that yoga has, in favor of ‘exercise for it’s own sake’, is each movement and breath, is embedded in the benefits of self-awareness and inner calm. In yoga therapy, we become accustomed to reading our own bodies for spaces that might be blocked or tight or weak and work with healing movement patterns. It is a global way of being with the body and a return or initiation to regular yoga classes.

What if I’m a total beginner?

Everyone is a total beginner at one time, and your yoga therapist is trained to see with you, where you are, and help guide you into a softer place. You will be an accomplice in your program, so that with guidance, you will always feel safe, taking the next step into strength, agility and quiet inside.

What if I’d had my injury for years? Or I’m just not flexible?

The soft tissue of the body, (everything but bones) remains pliable throughout life. We have had brilliant success with the delicacies of even the ninth decade. The key to moving forward is paying such close attention, that you learn with your own exploration, the appropriate pace for your entry into opening up your body. What is important is not the need to come into symmetry, or for things to ‘look normal’, and instead, for the tissues of the body to be led by the confidence of your probing mind and the peaceful experience of the lightness of moving.

What if I am already a yoga practitioner?

If you have discomfort with your yoga practice, or with a normal daily activity, and you have been practicing yoga recently, or you used to practice, we will converge and use your knowledge base, as a springboard into your individualized yoga therapy practice. You may come and be supervised as much as you like and, or, feel comfortable with coming occasionally, to report your progress and check and
shift posture modifications, to match your ever changing healing body. Your yoga therapist is trained to evaluate and do practice consultations, at any level of practice.

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